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Thumbsavers comes in three sizes: The red Thumbsavers are small, the white are medium and the blue are large.The width of your thumb is the most important measurement when deciding what size Thumbsaver to order.

Small ($14.95)
Medium ($14.95)
Large ($14.95)

"Joint Pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Almost Ended My Massage Career..."

Greg Polins
Inventor of Thumbsavers

My name is Greg Polins. I'm the inventor of Thumbsavers and a former massage therapist. I owned and operated my own Massage Therapy business from 1995 to 2005. After eight years, I began to experience crippling pain in my thumbs and wrist from the extensive deep tissue massage that I had been performing. I needed a solution or my career would have been over.

After considerable experimentation and prototypes, I developed an affordable massage tool that assists therapists by providing support and reducing the stress on your joints and wrists from deeper tissue massages, while protecting your most valuable commodity: your hands!

>> Massage deeper and work longer

>>Reduce carpal tunnel syndrome

>> Alleviate wrist, thumb and joint fatigue and pain.

>> Feels natural and offers maneuverability.

>> Greater sensitivity for you.

>> Deeper massage for your client.

Take a look around our site and decide for yourself why you need this amazing massage product.


"The greatest thing since sliced bread, REALLY! The "Thumbsaver" !! I can not recommend this product enough! It's has saved me and it can save you from stress on your fingers, not only just your thumbs! The owner / inventor is such a nice guy and a pleasure to deal with! You want this, trust me!"

Mark Evans, CMT, FSMTB, Harrisonburg, VA


"I ordered the thumbsavers online out of desperation because my right thumb was so sore from thumb-kneading during massage that I could barely hold a pen anymore, tie my laces or zip my jeans without wincing in pain. The pain in my right thumb during massage was excruciating and the left one was getting there too. What to do? Thumb-kneading is such an integral part of my massage routine. I was feeling pretty despondent so since your product was reasonably priced, I decided to give it a shot. I got them pronto in the mail and tried them on a fellow massage therapist that I work with without telling her first. I had them on the whole time, was a little concerned that she might "feel" them and complain, but she never noticed and even commented that for someone with sore thumbs, I had really put the pressure on. As the person giving the massage, I am happy to say they did not annoy me or feel clumsy and did what they were supposed to do, save my thumbs! I'm sold on the product and am looking forward to my thumbs making a full recovery without having to stop working thanks to you Greg."

Robin Pope, Quebec, Canada


" Hi Greg,
I used my Thumbsavers yesterday for a big male client who had very tight muscles and it worked very well. I showed the Thumbsavers to co-workers and they are buying them. They really save my thumbs. Thank you !!"

Yasuko Sonada, Santa Clara, California.


"Tried the thumb saver out today and  I was very impressed with it, didn't  think a little thing like that would take the stress out of my thumbs and my  wrist; I love it, will never go out massaging with out it!
Thank you again."

SA, Australia


" I have now been in practice for over 34 years; one thumb rebuilt at 27 years, the other one imminent, but these Thumbsavers keep me going! I don't know too many other therapists that do the deep tissue work that are still in practice, and I owe my success and longevity all to these aids! Once again, I am a firm and whole-hearted believer! "

Janus Hudson


"I received my order for the Thumbsavers and I love them. I am impressed with how much pressure I can apply using much less energy. The Thumbsavers are really nice for skin rolling which is a technique I like to use for easing adhesions out of the fascia. It must be very satisfying to have helped so many people to continue what we love to do....massage. Thanks so much for inventing this product!"

Melodie Balmer, LMT
Salem, Oregon


"I received my Thumbsavers over the weekend. I immediately put them to  use and I have to say these things are amazing! I can tell a huge difference when using them. You can achieve extremely good pressure  with minimal effort! I am recommending the product to all my classmates. With Thumbsavers, I still have enough feeling at my fingertips to find adhesions and tight areas."

Great job on the product and my thumbs thank you!

Ken Ricks
Florence, Alabama


"I bought my first sets of Thumbsavers in Oct. 2005 and I just replaced them in Feb. 2007; great durability!

I have been in practice for 25 years doing deep tissue release work along with my chiropractic adjustments. Thumbsavers has extended my career for (hopefully) another 25 years."

Dr G.Bark
Long Island NY


"I received the thumbsavers a few weeks ago and I must say "YOUR A GENIUS !!!"

I have noticed an instant decline in thumb soreness from using your product. When I get back to the states I would love to become a distributor for you!

Kelly Mauzy, LMT
Okinawa, Japan


"I want to thank you so much for inventing the Thumbsavers! What a wonderful thing! I have enjoyed using them and the clients that require a lot of trigger point therapy they call them my "bionic thumbs"!

Cecella Edic, CMT
Virginia Beach, VA


"I have been doing deep tissue bodywork for 27 years now and am facing a joint replacement and ligament reconstruction surgery in October for my right thumb, due to excessive arthritis from overuse. The Thumbsavers are helping me continue to work until then by providing support and protection to this poor wounded thumb. I'm sorry I didn't have these Thumbsavers for the last 10 years! Since I have no intention of leaving this profession until I am 85; I will continue to use your products on both thumbs, even after rehab, for preventative maintenance. They are very sturdy and don't show any signs of wear and tear or of breaking down over the five months I have been using them. As a matter of fact, I purchased 5 sets of two, in order to have them at each office I work out of and for a "traveling" set. Your invention is a God-send! Thanks for the ingenuity!"

Janus Hudson, LMT
Flagstaff, AZ


"In my opinion, having tried lots of 'massage gadgets' this is the most useful tool out there. I love that my hands are still in contact with the receiver; they never even know I'm using a tool unless I tell them! Thanks for the great invention!"

Darcy Flynn, LMT
Tarpon Springs, FL


"They feel natural and part of your hands The client cannot detect you have anything on your thumbs, you can apply deeper pressure with much less effort. Once you try them you are hooked !!! Wow, thank you so much."

Alanda Metcalf, LMT
Los Angeles, CA


"I want to thank you so much for inventing the Thumbsavers! What a wonderful thing! I have enjoyed using them and the clients that require a lot of trigger point therapy call them my 'bionic thumbs'. Again, thank you so much."

Cecella Edic, CMT
Virginia Beach, VA

Exchange Policy:

If the Thumbsavers you ordered are either too small or too large, you may "exchange" it for a different size. Simply mail the Thumbsavers with a note saying "too small or too large" to:

Attn: Exchange Dept.
P.O. Box 860165
St. Augustine,  FL  32086

Note: There is no refund policy.


Thumbsavers are Made in the USA!

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